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Terms and Conditions:

1. Subscription Usage:
– The subscription is intended for individual use only. Only one user per is permitted to access the subscription benefits.
– Sharing account access with non-members is strictly prohibited.

2. Perks Redemption:
– Hotel credits, breakfast, and upgrades are subject to availability and are valid only at select partner hotels as specified by the subscription service.
– The $100 hotel credit is applicable per stay and cannot be combined or accrued over multiple stays.

3. Subscription Renewal & Cancellation:
– Subscriptions are billed monthly, quarterly and annually and can be upgraded, downgraded, or canceled at any time.
– Quarterly and annual subscriptions are available at discounted rates.

4. Usage Restrictions:
– Any misuse, abuse, or fraudulent use of the subscription benefits will result in immediate termination of the subscription without refund.

5. Non-Transferable:
– Subscription benefits, including hotel credits and upgrades, are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or other services.

6. Modification of Services:
– The subscription service reserves the right to modify, add, or remove perks and benefits offered within the tiers with prior notice to subscribers.


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I'm ready to Jet ✈︎

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